The Minimal Optimism : Achcha Ji Main Hari……!!

Nectar … Is a name of private island where owner of famous Virgin Media Sir Richard Branson lives in his 70 Million dollar Mansion. Surely a great example of display of abundance. Interestingly, another business leader Steve Jobs used to practice minimalism to an extent that he didn’t like to keep furniture in his room. He believed it distracted his creativity. Dada Burman’s approach to his music is like a mid point of these two thoughts. It’s like a center of 180 degree linea of abundance and minimum. Not much and not less.

When there was a trend of hundred plus piece orchestra for songs arrangement, he created classics with very few musicians. That was a conviction of genius composer.

Achcha Ji main haari…….is one such fine example of Dada Burman’s optimal orchestration. The rhythm section is simply on Bongos. Two Four pattern with strums of rhythm guitar makes it smooth listening. Icing on the cake is the roll taken on the lines Aji Samje

Melody section is having only four main instruments. Accordian, Clarinets, Mendolin and Strings. Here, especially in using the strings i.e. Violin ensemble comes out the genius of Karta. He has used few Violins and very few Viola for bass and generated sound of a significantly sizeable Strings section. Use of appropriate reverb in recording also played pivotal role in bringing out the required violins sound. Across the composition, there are no background melody or obbligato on Violins instead Karta used Mendolin for harmony. Just a notes wherever required…………..Brilliant !!

Rest of the job is supremely carried out by Rafi saab and Ashaji and fab lyrics penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Yet another example of conversational Song. Short phrases and Solid impact. Chhod Diya To Haath Maloge Samjhe ? …….Aji Samjhe…  That’s it and this phrase conveys loads of emotions.

Dada proves that the orchestration should give way and harmonize the main melody. Just Splendid !!

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  1. Divya Dave

    Too good…Kunal, you’re unbelievably knowledgeable……दादा बर्मन का कमाल हम जान ही नहीं पाते अगर तुम नहीं बताते सच ।
    I’ve always liked this song a lot but now i’ve learnt some absolutely mind-blowing things about this song.

  2. Bharatt Desai

    Superb Kunal, this piece by you also deserves huge appreciation for keeping it lucid but not compromising on information. It’s like you are sitting across and talking. Keep up this style of writing. Now for the article, it’s great knowledge researched & shared.

  3. Jayesh N Dave

    Superb Kunal, you have tremendous knowledge on music, kudos to you. Sometime i think how can a person know this much on music but after meeting you we have to believe. I am fortunate to have a friend like you. Stay Blessed.

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