Jaane Chaman – the inferno in rains – Gumnaam (1965)

Jaane Chaman – the inferno in rains – Gumnaam (1965)

Duniya ke saath Jo Badalta Jaye, Jo uske sanche mein hi dhalta jaye, Duniya Usi ki hai jo chalta jaye…… Shankar Jaikishan (SJ) not only composed this lines but also proved it right. Remaining relevant to changing times was always important for success. This composition Jaane Chaman Shola Badan… is also a testimony of the versatility and sense of being relevant they had. The journey from Barsaat mein Hum Se Mile Tum to Jaane Chaman Shola Badan … In terms of Orchestration and Arrangement style is just magnificent.

Inspired from legendary Jazz Singer Nat King Cole’s Autumn Leaves (1946) this song expresses the sensuousness in a dignified manner. Shailendra has written beautiful lines for the situation of romance in rains. Baadal se barse nasha, bheegi hui hai fiza ; thandi hawa jab chale, kaanpe hai dil ka diya… What an artistic expression !!

Audio Sound Track Jane Chaman Shola Badan – Gumnaam (1965)

Shankar Jaikishan truly demonstrate the metal of music for perfect picturization of a song. The situation of this song is that there is a fierce wind storm along with pouring rain when the song begins. Violins and Viola are perfectly used with racy tune in prelude to convey the storms. One more highlight of this arrangement is use of Guitars. Acoustic, Spanish and Electric Guitar have been used brilliantly. The three notes bridge on Elecric Guitar after the line ‘Madhosh Hai Zindagi, Charon Taraf Bekhudi…‘ in the first Antara is just beautiful and has a flavour of Latin Jazz. This bridge notes are repeated in all antara’s. Background accompaniment on Piano adds colors to the melody and much needed tranquility in sensuous atmosphere.

Shankar Jaikishan were truly trend setter composers and they stayed on peak of success because they stayed relevant with changing taste of music.

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3 thoughts on “Jaane Chaman – the inferno in rains – Gumnaam (1965)

  1. …super write-up as always…..soft romantic song…SJ ke music ka jadu kunal Desai ki kalam se is geet ko aur bhi khas banata hai..👍👍🌹

  2. Happy Birthday to Jaikishan ji. What a lovely article to read and what a great articulation Kunal. Thanks for providing each and every minute details about the song, Shankar Jaikishan ji and instruments. I am addicted to ‘MUSICROOM’

  3. Kunal, this number is one of my Top 10s of SJ! Exquisite analysis and observations you have made! Observe also very ingenious guitar 🎸 deployment from 2:55-2:57 & 4:00-4:02!! Regards.

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