Mujhe Pyar Tumse Nahin Hai – Gharaunda (1977)

You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person you can not live without – P.S. I Love You.

Its never an effort or a confession that makes someone to love. Being together and being into every moment together is what it is all about. Many times, it is not even needed to say ‘I Love You’. That’s exactly the tale of this utterly beautiful and expressive song Tumhe Ho Na Ho Mujhko Toh Itana Yakeen Hai, Mujhe Pyar Tumse Nahin Hai Nahin Hai

Emerged from the pen of Naqsh Layalpuri, the words beautifully conveys how slowly a girl has started liking her friend. Kyon Pyari Lagti Hai Baatein Tumhari, Main Kyu Tumse Milne Ka dhundhu Bahana ; Kabhi Maine Chaha tumhe Chhu ke dekhun, Kabhi Maine Chaha Tumhe Paas Lana..

She still believed that she does not love him but unable to decipher her state of mind Phir bhi Jo Tum Dur Rehte Ho Mujhse Toh Rehte Hain Dil Pe Udasi Ke Saaye ; Koi Khwab Unche Makano Se Jhanke, Koi Khwab Baitha Rahe Sar Jhukaye…… and while she misses him, she is slowly drawn into his love. Lovely Work with a classy poetry and symbolic expressions.

Runa Laila rehearsing the song with Jaidev and Naqsh Layalpuri

An equally brilliant composition by Jaidev. Compositions of Gharaunda could easily be few of the finest of 70’s melodies. Out of all tracks, this song takes the prize. While Jaidev composed a lilting melody with his midas touch, a credit must be given to his arranger Shamrao Kamble. He arranged the song in a contemporary style that was popular in mid seventies and took the composition to a peak of popularity. The strings arrangement, distinctly noticeable bass line and pacy rhythm on Conga drums with Rhythm Guitars are musical highlights of this song. Whistling and interlude on Alto Sax are icing on the cake.

Like a fresh breeze Runa Laila’s voice had added a new flavor to the composition. With her young and energetic voice and singing style, she had amazingly rendered this song. She would have been scaled heights of success had she continued as a playback singer in India. Music lovers cant thank her enough for this song.

Audio Track of ‘Tumhe Ho Na Ho’ – Gharaunda (1977)

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