Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen : A Beauty in Simplicity

Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen : A Beauty in Simplicity

It’s been always a point of debate among informed music lovers that what precedes in making a song memorable – melody or arrangement ? Well, the answer is always a chicken and egg story. Yet, everyone would agree that a strong melody is a back bone of any composition. Appropriate arrangement works as an ornament to it. This song ‘Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen….’ is a perfect example of it.

1970 was a year when the Hindi Film Music had already become matured with rich legacy of stalwart composers and arrangers. Various techniques of melodic and rhythm arrangement and wide array of Instruments were available to pick n choose for music directors once their tune is ready. Kalyanji Anandji, staying true to their style, chose not to complicate the song and let the power of melody shine out. Rest was history.

Speaking of the music arrangement of the song, the credit must go to Jaikumar Parte who was long time arranger with Kalyanji Anandji. Crisp and neat strings arrangement is what quickly catches our attention in the song. But few elements that are not present , surprises us more. The melody is having no strings or violins harmony , no counter melody even on other soft Instruments like flute. Use of Baayan or Dugga for bass resonance but no bass guitar comping. Use of uniformly tuned Strings in interludes not even harmonised ensemble. Only Kishore Kumar, Violins, Flute and Santoor drives us crazy. Clear and uncluttered Keherwa Taal on Tabla with supremely designed rhythm guitaring adds lilting flavour to the song.

The intensely romantic yet graceful lyrics makes the overall cinematic experience more engaging. Indeevar had always given his best when worked with Kalyanji Anandji duo. In first interlude he takes the praise of beauty of Neela (Sharmila Tagore) beyond measures.

Tasveer Banaaye Kya Koi Kya Koi Likhe Tujh Pe Kavita,
Rango Chhando Mein Samaayegi Kis Tarah Se Itni Sundertaa….
Ek Dhadkan Hai Tu Dil Ke Liye, Ek Jaan Hai Tu Jeene Ke Liye…..

As the song progresses, Avinash (Rajesh Khanna) gets more n more engrossed in thoughts of Neela. His deepest feelings for her is perfectly captured in second antara..

Madhuban Ki Sugandh Hai Saanso Mein, Baahon Mein Kanval ki Komalta,
Kirano Ka Tej Hai Chehre Pe, Hirano Si Hai Tujhmein Chanchalta….
Aanchal Ka Tere Hai Taar Bahot, Koi Chaak Jeegar Seene Ke Liye….

The emotional high that is depicted through interludes is another brilliant highlight. The first Interlude takes the flow of thoughts of the lover ahead with soft violins joined by Santoor stokes. When he is totally absorbed in praising his beloved as if the world around him does not exist, he is on emotional high. Here, second interlude begins with escalating violins on high pitch where , like a relay, the continuity is taken forward by Santoor stokes at same pitch and slowly it comes back to normal flow with flute giving way to last piece of strings for cue to Kishore Kumar.
What a joyride !!!

Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen….is a perfect visually and emotionally immersive treat expressing the pure love and connection of two souls. The lyrics, music and rendition makes it more enthralling.

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4 thoughts on “Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen : A Beauty in Simplicity

  1. Wonderful description of the entire song.
    Kunal bhai very well narrated the replacement of base by Bahayaa and Dugga.
    The extended prelude in the LP is very superbly transferred from the screen to the music by KA. The heavy strings and then the sitar flute and full orchestra and gradually landing on the sur of KK to start the Mukhdaa. Much pains have been taken to execute this part the foundation and backbone of the song

  2. Waaaaah…kya kehana….vakai jo kaha kunal vo kabhi socha na tha…ek geet ko sundar banane ke liye kai baaten hai piche jo kaam karti hai…shabdon ke jadu ko bhi ek aur jadui chadi ki zarurat hoti hai…sahi shabd tumhare ornaments…. Beautiful writeup Kunal…🙏👍👌

  3. Excellent description of the song in it’s entirety. I’m learning so much about taal and the music arrangements from your posts. Thank you!

  4. MOST authentic , lucid correct description of music grammar behind this song.. Hats off 🌷🌷
    definitely the.. prelude.. flute piece sums up the whole melody of this song _ my respect to the music arranger…he is the real.. soul’of this masterpiece song 👆

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